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IBEX ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED (IEPL) is an innovative system integrating company employing environmental friendly technologies and methods to satisfy the needs of its clients with reliability, affordability and sustainability as the key over riding factors. IEPL offer turnkey solutions ranging from consultations, system design, supply, installation, testing, commission, operation and maintenance of Renewable Energy Systems. IEPL comprises of a team of experienced professionals with versatile experience in power sector. IEPL have specific strategic tie-ups with prominent equipment manufacturers to bring in the state of the art technologies to client’s place. The end to end services provided by IEPL starts from conceptualisation and travels through system integration, procurement, installation to successful commissioning. IEPL provides project management and operation and maintenance support throughout the life of the project and has strong partnerships with well established manufacturers.

Energy is vital for the progress of a nation and it has to be conserved in a most efficient manner. The technologies should be developed to produce energy in a most environment-friendly manner. Energy is the ultimate factor responsible for both industrial and agricultural development. The use of renewable energy technology to meet the energy demands has been steadily increasing for the past few years, however, the important drawbacks associated with renewable energy systems are their inability to guarantee reliability and their lean nature. Limited fossil resources and environmental problems associated with them have emphasized the need for new sustainable energy supply options that use renewable energies.

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